The people of Canada are friendly and welcoming, making tourists and visitors feel at ease, comfortable and quite at home in their surroundings. Canada has so much more to offer than just gorgeous natural scenery. The country is a hive for entertainment and music festivals. Over the years the country has hosted many mind-blowing music festivals and produced notable bands who have gone on to stardom.

Canada has many world-class casinos within its borders and they are not shy when it comes to promoting music in the country, often sponsoring events and festivals and putting Canada on the map in a major way.

Follow us on a journey of musical discovery. We have all the up to date information available for your pleasure. Know exactly when, where and what is happening where festivals are concerned. Comedy Festivals, Canada Day Celebrations, and Folk Festivals are only a few of what the country has to offer. Over the past decade, Canada, Vancouver in particular, has been host to a number of concerts that have left the audience absolutely spellbound.

Canadian artists have gone on to prove their place in the market. While Canadian bands and musicians are not taken as seriously as those from the UK or USA, they have gone on to prove that they have what it takes. Find out about the artists, where they came from and what gave them the passion and will to succeed.

Canada is filled with hidden treasures that will astonish those who take the time to seek them out. Allow us to guide you on a musical extravaganza that will surprise and please.