From humble beginnings, the Toronto international film festival has become one of the destinations that need to be ticked off the bucket list for lovers of film. As a result, the event has become a year-round pot of cultural assimilation, servicing a mix of screenings, lectures, workshops and more for people who enjoy what the industry has to offer as well as seek support from industry experts. It sets the stage (pun Intended) for participation and learning from all those who are involved, be it directly or indirectly. No one leaves the end of September the same person they once were.

The Economic Impact of Famous Festivals

A quick search on your favourite search engine about Canada and the number of celebrations that are worth a mention and you’d be surprised at just how many there are. But it’s not just the sheer number of fete but the impact they have. Commemorations as big as the Toronto International Film Festival and those that can claim to be bigger, do wonders for their respective local economies in which they are based, tourism for the country and industry professionals and spectators alike that want to learn a thing or two through cultural assimilation or shared knowledge during their stay.

Is There A Need For All The Celebration

What is the point of all the festivities if there seems to be more than one? Are people not prone to fatigue? Good questions but judging by the fact that Canada it celebrates its 68th year doing this kind of thing, it would be safe to assume that the locals have no qualms with the free marketing received for their entrepreneurial ventures that result in a knock on effect as a result of swarms of visitors come by on an annual basis to enjoy themselves and the Canadian hospitality. be it in attendance for the Toronto Film Fest or Just For Laughs.