Everyone remembers Rush as the band that brought them philosophical lyrics. Hearing their music was like being transported to another realm. Their sound had a lot of guitar influence just like any other rock band. However they had elements that made their sound unique. They added blues to their hard rock sound and eventually progressed to synthesizers. This group was not afraid to experiment and it did not shy away from complex melodies. The bandmates were each extremely gifted when it came to instruments, that is why they captivated audiences.

The Awards They Raked In

The Grammy nominated rock group has sold over 40 million units globally. It has also won 24 gold albums, 14 platinum and 3 multi-platinum albums. This is not a record that is easy to top, and it is certainly one to aspire to. They were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, but before that in 1994 they earned their spot in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. So much success, one would think this is it but there is more. Each member of the group has been recognized for their instrument playing skill. Geddy Lee was great at the bass and keyboards, Neil Peart was an excellent drummer and he played the percussion. Lastly, Alex Lifeson was the one behind the awesome guitars.

Where is the group today?

They initially stopped touring in 2015, however eventually the group disbanded in 2018. Their last tour was also a celebration of the anniversary of Peart’s membership. It was everything a dedicated follower and fanatic could hope for. However due to health issues they had to slow down for a while before they announced their break-up. The members felt they had given it all they could and it was all worth it for 41 whole years. Still, fans hope for a last performance and wish it didn’t have to be this way.