Business ideas are not the only greatest phenomena that are formed in college but also hip and happening rock bands. Tragically Hip is responsible for making Canadians proud by making rock music that attracts fans from all countries. Their music will live forever, however, their former band member Gord Downie (diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2015) could not live forever. In honor of his legacy and his illness they went and had a tour of Canada in performing songs of their thirteenth studio, and in July 20167 they announced that they were ending their performing and recording career for good. The die-hard fans need not despair as they can continue to support their band’s members in other endeavors.

Introductions To New Smoking Good Endeavours

The band formed a meet and greet at a farm in Canada which allowed guest to marvel at the landscape home to many wild animals, agricultural goods, and stunning walking trails. The farm gave people the opportunity to sit around and listen to music, eat good food, smoke some weed and to enjoy the wonders of life. The former band member revealed that they were starting a legal cannabis production company that include artists and themselves who promote the safe use of marijuana through their association with Up Cannabis.

Marijuana Positivity For All Mindsets

The band members are supporting a company called Newstrike that produces weed for medical purposes. The band members believe that people who understand the benefits of weed will stop talking against it and will start honoring its contributions to society. The company plans to promote legal marijuana by naming five of their songs after marijuana strains. The songs are titled 50MC, Grace Too, and Morning Moon. It is not aimed to abuse weed but to get people who were against it to be for it, in support of the government decision to legalize it.