There’s a sense of static that’s in the air, and the anticipation of what’s going to happen during the four-day stay is barely containable. Nearing the gates your sense of jubilee is damn near uncontainable. That’s what happens when you decide to go to indulge in musical fiestas, like the Edmonton music festival, held annually in Canada going as far back as 1980. With live folk performances by a number of artists and bands from A to W, although people come for the music, they stay for the food vendors that cater to vegetarians and those with sweet teeth alike.

Why Bother With Music Festivals

Music festivals like any other outing require planning and money and for some people that can be a turn-off, especially when you consider that music can be streamed online. First, there are the benefits of being outside. Research from the University of Groningen which advocates for festivities such as these based on studies conducted to show how musical experiences have a positive effect on people. Further research by Discovery illustrated that music not only makes people euphoric but also feel a sense of excitement as they experience the different elements found in a composition of music that make it so enjoyable.

How The Edmonton Folk Fest is Different

Musically inclined festivals are no longer loud music and drugged raging hipsters doing what their outdated stereotypes make them out to be. It’s all about a community, gathering in one location to enjoy live performances under a common theme. The Edmonton folk music festival provides 6 different stages and tickets range from $22 to $239 depending on the day attended. Ticket prices are reduced by reducing operating costs and as a result, relies on volunteers to slot into expendable roles such as refuse disposal to working as stagehands. With 2300 people on average volunteering, it really does make a difference to ticket prices.