The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival has just completed its 32nd annual event and raked in 75000 people in attendance. While not enough to smash the record of 80000, it is nothing to laugh at. The event is run with the assistance of more than 450 volunteers from the community. Kevin Tobin, the artistic director, has commended the support from the community that helped the festival achieve such a huge audience, verbalizing how amazing it is and how much it says about the city and the country and their focus on arts and culture. Tradition and heritage run thick through Canadian veins.

Shows Aplenty

The festival ran over a period of 10 days which were jam-packed with 137 shows, both ticketed and free. While the weather played along nicely in the most part for the event, two shows had to be canceled through inclement weather. The organizers of the event have estimated the financial boost from the festival at an amount of $8 million. That is phenomenal for a community run event. Canada has truly embraced their roots and heritage and used the opportunity to share it with the world and boost the economy considerably. The event was a resounding success in all areas.

The Show Goes On

The Mainstage hosted a number of headline acts which included City & Colour, Flaming Lips, and Tom Cochrane while the Broadway Theatre was graced with the presence of Dee Dee Bridgewater and Michael Kaeshammer. A variety of shows were scattered between bars, restaurants and even in the street. Sell out shows we achieved by Michael Kaeshammer, Kellylee Evans, and Moon Hooch while City & Colour racked up the highest attendance at 3000. The event was a colorful, musical blend of jazz that had the audiences on their feet and caught up in the festivities from the very first day.