The Indian Summer Festival that runs through July 15 is synonymous with fine food and drink, amazing music and a vibe that is more than most can handle. The variety on offer will leave you dumbfounded at what you should fill your schedule with. A mixture of literature, dance, music, film and a variety of workshops and discussions will be available at any given time. The hardest decision you will have to make is what to take part in. This is the perfect destination for those with a keen interest in art, culture, and heritage. Go forth and engage in activities that inspire.


The festival has reached its eighth year and interest just seems to grow each year. This is definitely a festival the more curious minds and with a 2018 theme of Mythmaking, it sets the cogs turning. Storytelling is a huge part of history and was a means of passing down traditions and beliefs through the decades. Mythmaking explores the human imagination and a variety of storytelling forms through a period of 10 centuries. Explore 1000-year-old Sanskrit theatre, part takes in the history of yoga and be mesmerized by the sound of the bamboo flute. Insightful and delightful is a true description for what you can expect.

Out Of The Ordinary

While the entire festival may seem a little surreal, it gets better. Pause in the Park which takes place between 12pm and 4pm on July 15 will leave you mystified. Entrance is free and the entertainment priceless. Art Demos, performances, music, talks and reading are all part of the planned afternoon. If you are looking for a hands-on experience, this is just the place you might find it. Try your hand at mandala making or be inspired by what transpires at the Indigenous fashion shows. Once the music begins and the food is served, a whole new world awaits those with an open mind.