Festivals play a huge role in the tourism industry in Canada. The Festive D’ete De Quebec is one of the greatest attractions brought to life in the country. It is arguably one of the most diverse international art and music events on the calendar anywhere in the world. The event attracts visitors both locally, nationally and internationally. The Canadian government has confirmed their support of the Festival D’ete De Quebec according to a statement released by the Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions and Canadian Heritage. The boost to tourism will see the country move forward.

Considerable Contributions Add Up

The Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions or CED has provided a considerable contribution of approximately $1,260,000 which is not repayable to the governmental organization. The money has been granted as part of the Quebec Economic Development Program towards the festival in order to assist with the promotion and marketing of the event outside the confines of Quebec. The funds were put to good use in raising awareness of the event through advertising, media, and e-marketing. The contribution was also used towards the inclusion of new additions to the street performances, structures in the city and amazing lighting effects bracelets.

Canadian Heritage Jumps On Board

$550,000 is the amount contributed towards the event by Canadian Heritage. The funds were made available through the Canada Arts Presentation Fund. The money is intended to go towards the programming of the event. This is the 51st event of it kinds and warrants a line up that is outstanding. The Festival D’ete De Quebec attracts art and music lovers from the immediate area of Quebec, the wider area of Canada and the international market worldwide. It is an important part of the tourism industry in the country and a steadfast pillar on which tourism in Quebec is built.