The US has produced many artists and bands with phenomenal talent and skill. While genres are varied and quite considerable, the rock and metal niche seems to be extremely popular for both up and coming artists and the fans. Music is enjoyed worldwide and for many youngsters, it is what speaks straight to the soul. For many, it is a recluse from the cruelty of reality and for others, it may seem that the vocalists are singing about their lives in particular. Songs evoke memories and feelings that have long since been buried and forgotten.

Dream Theater, The Beginning and Beyond

In 1985, three Berklee College of Music students came together in a bid to make music collectively. They called themselves Majesty. While two were later to join, three was their lucky starting number and included Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, and John Myung. The members soon left their studies to focus full-time on their music. Their strengths lay in progressive metal and rock and they were good at it. On a 1986 tour of New York, they recorded some demos which sold out within 6 months. The band later changed their name to Dream Theater out of necessity. Up until 2014 they released 12 successful albums and have undertaken 28 tours.

Vancouver Gets A Taste of Dream Theater

In 2014 Vancouver was bitten by the Dream Theater bug. The band visited the city as part of a nationwide tour to promote their latest album. They performed a sold out with a crowd that was in awe of the performance put on. Fans were hooked and they wanted more. The style of progressive rock and metal the band belted out was infectious. It isn’t hard to see why the band has achieved such worldwide acclaim. Armed with only keyboards, drums, guitars and vocal, Dream Theater are on a mission to reach stardom and they are on the right path.