Canada is a wonderful place for tourists. Nature is abundance, scenic island views, and mountains that touch the sky. Explore the mountains and discover the waterfalls that flow freely with crystal water. Culture and heritage are rich in Canada, with influences from both the French and British which is clearly evident. While the gorgeous natural habitat in Canada is an attraction of immensity, the cosmopolitan cityscapes are in a world of their own. The diversity of the nation is astonishing and really quite an interesting thing to divulge into. Traces of the British Columbia North Coast Indians and the French explorers are found wherever you go.

Tourists Attractions in Numbers

Gros Morne National Park, The Calgary Stampede, Victoria’s Inner Harbour, Bay of Fundy, Athabasca Falls, Churchill, Niagara Falls and the Canadian are all strong contenders for the top spot on your bucket list. Vieux- Quebec is, however, something, that should not be forgone. The area holds tremendous historical significance for Quebec. In 1608 this was where Saint Louis Fort was founded by Samuel de Chaplain, a French Explorer. During that period the military presence under both the British and French was considerable. Historical points of interest are in abundance in the area today and the presence of many small boutiques makes it a prime spot for tourists.

Moraine Lake, A Destination of Beauty

Banff National Park in Western Canada is the location of Moraine Lake. The region is one of the most widely-photographed. The mountains in Alberta are clearly visible surrounding the Alpine Lake which is fed by glaciers, the water a cool blue-green. Hiking trails and canoe expeditions are a common tourist activity in the area. The Rockpile Trail is the most popular among tourists and is climaxed by the photo opportunity at the end of it. Once termed the $20 dollar view because of the appearance of the Alpine Lake on the corresponding bill, however, spectacular and priceless are more fitting.