Canada is a tourist destination that is extremely popular. While the country holds a natural beauty that is not easily matched, the cityscapes provide an exciting contrast. This is a country that is rich in heritage, diverse in cultures and buried in history. When planning any trip, the affordability factor always weighs heavy and where Canada is concerned it is as affordable as any vacation destination gets. The vast array of festivals and events hosted by the extremely hospitable nation draws crowds throughout the year. If you are looking for a party, Canada is sure to have one lined up for you.

Nature and Cityscapes

Canada has a range of natural beauty that is arguably the most beautiful in the world. Mountains, glaciers, lakes, and forests all form part of the natural habitat. The great outdoors of Canada leaves nothing to the imagination. While the call of nature is a strong one, the cityscapes hold a magnificence of their own. Cities are recognized for their clean, safe and friendly environments. The presence of a variety of cultures within the country is proof of the rich heritage of the nation. The country brings nature and cosmopolitan city life together in a seemingly effortless way that mesmerizes even the most skeptical.

Outdoor Entertainment

The great outdoors is one of the main reasons so many ventures to Canada. The second largest country in the world, however, the population is small in comparison. There are vast areas of uninhabited land in Canada which provides the perfect opportunity for tourists to wander freely exploring. Some of the most popular activities in Canada include camping, snowboarding, golfing, fishing, canoeing and hiking to name on a few. Take full advantage of what the wilderness has offered up and enjoyed some adrenaline pumping activities that will thrill you to the core. This is the great outdoors of Canada.