While Vancouver has hosted so many epic music concerts, Bryan Adam’s show in June 2018 has to be one for the record books. The Canadian born star who hails from Ontario, but spent his life in Vancouver, put on a show that, in the words of Bryan Adams, was “as close to magic as you get”. The 58-year-old proved just how much staying power he has. He can still work an audience and belt out the old favorites with amazing vocals. While he has turned towards photography, the father of two is on the road to promote a compilation album, Ultimate.

The Road To Fame

Born in Kingston, Ontario, Bryan made the move to Vancouver in the 70’s. At the age of 17 he started his musical career as a backup singer but by 1976 he took on the task of lead vocalist for Sweeney Todd. The band had earlier that year achieved a number one place on Canadian music charts. While Bryan wasn’t the vocalist at the time, he did go on to perform lead vocals on the US remake of the song. In 1991 Bryan released his first solo album and from there, as they say, the rest is history.

The Pride Of Canada

Bryan Adams has always been proudly Canadian. Through all his, number one hits he has retained that down to earth Canadian charm. Through his career, he has been widely celebrated, evident through his achievement of 20 Juno awards, 1 Grammy award wind from 15 nominations and 3 Academy Award nominations for songs he has penned. Adam has won the Order of Canada and the Order of B.C for all he has contributed to music as well as to charities like Live Aid and Greenpeace. The Bryan Adams foundation which is funded primarily by his photography projects. The money is used to support opportunities for education for children all over the world.