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Festival D’Ete De Quebec Gets The Nod

Festivals play a huge role in the tourism industry in Canada. The Festive D’ete De Quebec is one of the greatest attractions brought to life in the country. It is arguably one of the most diverse international art and music events on the calendar

Vancouver, Tracing The Footsteps of Ontario

Canada, like the USA, doesn’t impose gambling laws on a federal level. Each state is responsible for setting up their own laws and ensuring that they are abided by. While some states are still not on board with the gambling scene, most are slowly

Casinos Take It Upon Themselves To Aid Budding Artists

While the music industry in Canada may be a thriving one, it is seldom given the credit its due. The artists and bands produced are often passed over when pitted against their counterparts in the US and UK. A tremendous amount of promotion within

Music, Lights and Ching Ching, The Canadian Way

Canada has produced and hosted some epic concerts of the musical kind over the past decades and has attracted vast crowds in attendance. Local and foreign attendees are spellbound by the proportions to which Canada has gone to promote the industry. The country itself

Jazz Hands And That’s The Show

The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival has just completed its 32nd annual event and raked in 75000 people in attendance. While not enough to smash the record of 80000, it is nothing to laugh at. The event is run with the assistance of more than

Calgary Stampede. Its Stomping Time

The much-anticipated Calgary Stampede takes place in July this year. For those who haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t involve cattle running through the streets. The Calgary Stampede is an epic display of country music. This year will be a little different with lots

Vancouver Summer, Nothing Beats It

Vancouver is a buzz of activity during the month of July with festivals taking place all over. With the children out on school break, it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the variety of entertainment on offer. Whether you are a fan

Indian Summer Festival, Out Of The Ordinary

The Indian Summer Festival that runs through July 15 is synonymous with fine food and drink, amazing music and a vibe that is more than most can handle. The variety on offer will leave you dumbfounded at what you should fill your schedule with.

Embrace The African Way With An Open Mind

The Festival International Nuits d’Afrique is a 13-day event which runs from July 10 to July 22. This year is the 32nd event of this kind and features worldwide performers with their music linked to Africa. During the first week you can expect a